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Our/Berlin & Our/Detroit

Our/Berlin & Our/Detroit

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Our Vodka is the perfect souvenir all along. Now, we are stepping up our game and bringing other cities together!

Our/Berlin is made of German wheat. It has a mild and fresh taste, smoothed out by a soft floral note. Our/Berlin is bottled in 350ml at 37,5% ABV.

Our/Detroit is made of corn. It’s full bodied with a hint of white fruits and a roasted grain finish. Our/Detroit is bottled in 350ml at 40% ABV.

Enjoy our Vodka neat, or mix with fresh juices, tonic, or lemonade – best enjoyed with friends.

Products 1 bottle Our/Berlin Vodka & 1 bottle Our/Detroit Vodka.

Resealable crown cap

Enjoy responsibly